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The World Federation of Hypnotherapists

Welcome to The World Federation of Hypnotherapists (WFH)

Associated with the Society of HypnoAnalysts (UK based)

WFH Diploma course is officially approved and listed by the Hypnotherapy Association

The World Federation of Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapy Diploma Course (approved and listed by the Hypnotherapy Association), Hypnotherapy Training 1981

We are an Independent "not for profit" organisation with high standards of classroom training. WFH is managed by an elected committee: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer; it is run by professional hypnotherapists for professional hypnotherapists. CPD Seminars and training for members.

Our Management Committee has over 70 years business experience in private practice, giving invaluable support and guidance for members and students on a day to day basis. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards. All our WFH Trainers have earned their living as Hypnotherapists for a number of years before becoming Trainers.

Join the World Federation of Hypnotherapists

Associate Membership  Benefits
We have recently opened up membership to qualified hypnotherapists for the first time.
Join us as an Associate member of a dynamic, vibrant and progressive organisation set to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

This will entail:
Use of the designated letters below after your name:
  * AMWFH  Associate Member of The World Federation of Hypnotherapists
  * AMSHA  Associate Member of The Society of Hypnoanalysts
  * AMSHR  Associate Member of The Society for Hypnotic Research
Cheaper practice liability insurance should you become a member of the Society.
Access to a comprehensive library.

Practitioner Well-Being and Professional Indemnity Insurance

WFH hypnotherapists must always be aware of their own physical and mental well-being and shall temporarily suspend their practice to consult other appropriate professionals if, as, and when it becomes necessary (through ill health) to do so.

WFH hypnotherapists shall ensure that professional indemnity / liability insurance is always current and fully paid up.
Continuous Professional Development CPD.

To keep abreast of changes in the profession ie. new techniques etc, and to ensure that clients receive the very best treatment, WFH practitioners commit to attending an adequate number of workshops or seminars each year, currently a minimum of two units, one unit for each workshop or seminar.

WFH Code of Ethics

Members abide by and are governed by a strict Code of ethics and Professional Conduct Standards.

Professional Conduct:

* At all times and in all circumstances conduct themselves with probity, putting client welfare before any other considerations providing it is legal to do so.
* Never provide any treatment for which they are not qualified.
* Never misrepresent themselves or their profession by making claims that cannot be substantiated, this applies not only to qualifications, training, experience but also to advertising and the media.
* When working with children or minors (under 18) WFH hypnotherapists will ensure that a parent of the child or minor is present at all times.
* Offer clients the opportunity to have a friend or relative attend their treatment visits.
* Take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of their clients and whoever accompanies them, making sure that both place of practise and facilities are suitable for their purpose.
* Ensure that the clients they treat are in therapy for no longer than is completely necessary. If the client requires treatment that is beyond the WFH practitioner's experience, the practitioner shall refer to a fellow therapist who has that experience.
* Maintain a professional relationship at all times. If for any reason the professional relationship becomes difficult to maintain the WFH practitioner shall refer the client immediately to a fellow therapist.
* Shall not accept gifts or gratuities from clients.
* Be completely open and transparent about fee structures and treatment when being consulted by clients.
* Never discriminate against any client for any reason ie. Race, colour, creed, sexual orientation, political beliefs etc.
* Never treat a client presenting with pain without liaising with the clients GP first and shall be aware that hypnotherapy treatment is contraindicated for any client presenting with epilepsy or any form of psychosis.
* If a client requests a home visit the WFH practitioner shall always ensure that there is a third party present ie. Friend or relative of the client.
* Respond in good faith to any complaints from clients seeking to remedy them quickly. If such complaints cannot be remedied quickly to the satisfaction of the client the WFH practitioner shall contact the committee immediately to inform them of the full details of the complaint
* Strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times in the therapist /client relationship provided that:
   (a). The safety of the client or the client's family or any member of the general public is not compromised.
   (b). Such confidentiality is not in contravention of any legal action or legal requirement that demands disclosure.
* Client records will be kept in a place of security under lock and key.
* Computer databases containing client's records shall be adequately password protected.
* Use case histories for training or supervision purposes only when client anonymity is observed.
* Always obtain consent from a client if they wish to record their treatment whether audio or video, confidentiality and security shall be strictly adhered to when storing the recordings.


Gwen Davis - The World Federation of Hypnotherapists Secretary: Gwen Davis
Tel. No: 01207 528544 or 07732 479771
David Adam - The World Federation of Hypnotherapists Chairman and Treasurer: David Adam
Tel. No: 01752 842539

You can be a Professional Hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Hypnotherapy


The World Federation of Hypnotherapists Hypnotherapy is an exciting profession that brings as many challenges as it does rewards. Hypnosis and its therapeutic applications are powerful tools that help bring about change and personal growth, not just for clients, but also for you as a potential therapist. Hypnotherapy ideally should used for generative change - meaning those who seek hypnotherapy can learn skills and self-help techniques that continue to help them change and grow beyond the consulting room. This course will teach you the skills necessary to help clients (and yourself) to change the things they want to change, and develop new life skills, self awareness, resourcefulness, and adaptability.

I like to adopt a simple presupposition about clients who seek help: "You already have all the resources you need within you, or you can create them". As a therapist, your role is to guide and support a person to make use of those resources; to assess their efficacy; and where necessary help them create new ones, integrating them into their life to bring about empowering changes. This course will teach you how to work with people to achieve this, using an integrative approach.

There are many fears and misunderstandings about the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and these myths are totally undeserved. Hypnotherapy is an amazingly effective treatment method for a vast number of emotionally based issues, both psychological and physical. It is not unusual for somebody to experience relief within only two or three sessions from a problem that may have persisted for many years and that was unresponsive to other treatments.

When used to assist with healing after surgery or for pain control the results can be incredible. There is nothing magical about hypnosis and it is not in any way dangerous. (You cannot get "stuck", "lose your mind", or be "possessed" in any way). The therapeutic application of hypnotherapy has no harmful side effects. You don"t have to have some special gift to be able to use it, because almost anybody can learn it. This means that you could soon be helping others to overcome their emotional and psychological difficulties and helping them to build a life that they had never thought possible. The course is integrative, incorporating cognitive, analytical, direct and indirect models of hypnotherapy with elements of NLP, EFT and counselling.

Why train with the WFH?

The World Federation of Hypnotherapists has been training since 1981. A long established "not for profit" UK professional organisation. As you study and train for your professional qualification, you are also supported by a team of professionals from the management committee. We have regular Newsletters and a Facebook page for questions and answers or general discussion.

Lifetime Support

The course is fully comprehensive so you can go successfully and competently into private practice as soon as you are qualified, with the backup and full support of The World Federation of Hypnotherapists.

Hypnotherapy Qualification

The qualification obtained after completing the course and final exam and thesis is a Diploma in Hypnotherapy; Dip. Hyp. The letters: MWFH, MSHA (Member of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists; Member of the Society of Hypno-Analysts) will follow your name.

Entry Requirements

You need enthusiasm, commitment, and a professional outlook; an ability and willingness to appreciate the academic side of the course; commit to home-study, reading set texts, and writing up homework and case-studies. Students need to be of sufficient emotional maturity to cope with issues discussed on the course. There are no strict age parameters but a certain amount of life experience should be demonstrated. Applicants will be expected to give the full name and addresses of two people, (not members of your family), who can give a personal, educational, or work related reference to support your application. The WFH reserves the right to have a DBS check.

Application Form/Prospectus

Click to open/download our prospectus here. Sue Wain, our Trainer is based in Alfreton, Derbyshire. Tel 01773 448765 email .

Diploma Course to start early 2021

Meet our trainer Sue Wain via

8 weekend workshops (consecutive months.) Full details of the course are in the Prospectus. Course Cost. £1400. 7 monthly payments of £200, (each month being paid in advance) £1200 (Discount of £200) if paid in full before or during the first weekend course.

Details of the Course

This course exceeds the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum requirements ( 8 Modules with 120 hours of guided practice (weekend workshops normally once a month). For a speedier qualification contact WFH Trainer Sue Wain. Home study is required with continuous assessment and a final written exam and thesis. The final written exam and thesis is to be completed over a period of three months after the end of the course.




Helen Tomsett.
Reading, Berkshire.


Buddhika Arachchige
Saturday Clinic at The Medical Centre, Craig Street, Craig St, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE1 2EJ


Hilary Bowen.
Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Sarah Rhodes.
Congleton, Cheshire.

Jacqueline Ingleby BA BSc


David Adam
01752 842539
Saltash, Cornwall.

County Durham

Gwen Davis
01207 528544
Lanchester, County Durham.

Julie Hunt-Lucas
07807 078458
Darlington. County Durham.


Andrew Thornton.
Glossop, Derbyshire.

Jacqueline Ingleby
27 Primrose Crescent Rosthorn Glossop Derbyshire. SK13 8EN.

Sue Wain
32a The Green, Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 1AN.


Guy Edwards.
Basingstoke. Hampshire.

Evelyn Weck.
Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire.

Lyn Weck Hypnotherapy


Elizabeth Barber.
Belvedere, Kent.

Russell Murphy.
Beckenham, Kent.


Patrick Slattery.
Bury, Lancashire.


John Brett.
Kirkby Hypnotherapy
Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Sian Drakes
0784 1662 562
Brigg Rd, Wrawby, North Lincolnshire ,DN20 8RN

Barbara Hurst.
Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Elizabeth Pike.
Spalding, Lincolnshire.


Jenny Roe, The Healing Snug
14 Carlton cresc. East Leak. LE12 6JF
Tel: 07793055313

Marilyn R. Osborn.
Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

Rebecca Skellon.
Sileby, Leicestershire.

Nasi Renold, Assoc. Member. Leicester


Stephen Scott.

David R Cotterill.
07841 437951


Jane Bird.
West Kirby, Wirral, Merseyside.

Richard Lawrence.
Liverpool, Merseyside.

David Small.
David Small Hypnotherapy
The Lauries Centre Claughton Rd Birkenhead, Merseyside CH41 6EY?
07876 416023

Michael K. Barron.
West Earlham, Norfolk

Alexis Maine.
01603 300 578 / 07775 614 006

David Canova.
Briston, Norfolk.

Raymond Hoskins.
Thetford, Norfolk.

Patricia Canova.
Briston, Norfolk.


David Lowe.
Hypnos Healing
Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.
01623 755891

Wendy Lowe.
Hypnos Healing
Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.
01623 755891

Tracey Deller.
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
07792 069637

Angela Matthews.
Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.
0115 8401063

Jacqueline Green.
Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire.

Tracy Britton
Rainworth, Mansfield. NG21 7JB

Julie Murray
Sandiacre, Nottingham , NG10 5FY


Nicolas Haynes.
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.


Maggie Day.
Claverley, Shropshire.


Lyne Beech.
Bridgwater, Somerset.


Stephen Millar
Assoc. Member
Dalton in Furness


Jayne West.
Polesworth, Staffordshire.


Mark Wakefield.
Lowestoft, Suffolk.


Bruce Burgess.
Leatherhead, Surrey.


Mary Stephens.

West Midlands

Deborah Adams.
Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

Annette Ellis.
West Bromwich, West Midlands.

Katie Martin.
Wednesbury, West Midlands.

Laura Moreton.
Coventry, West Midlands.

Martin Ralph.
Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Christine Ralph.
Stourbridge, West Midlands.

West Yorkshire

Marie Wright.
Leeds, West Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire

Eamonn Beirne.
Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Stephen Kamsika.
Rotheram, South Yorkshire. S61 3SU.
Phone: 01709 555329 / 07586075220.


John D. Ritchie.
Burbage, Marlborough, Wiltshire.



Scott Burke.
Inverness, Invernesshire.


Neil J. H. MacLeod.
Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire.


Thomas J Wolf
20 -23, Woodside Place
Glasgow, G3 7QF
0141 5821365 or 07486061873


Paul Thomas.
Mid Wales Hypnotherapy
Borth, Ceredigion.


Dame Barbara L. S.
Stensland-Sloan. Whitchurch, Cardiff.

Karl MacIver.
Vale of Glamorgan
Mobile: 07563701872



Mena Aupy.
Leuc, France.


Dr. Mamode Ibrahim Joomun (MD).
Upper Vale, Mauritius.

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