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The World Federation of Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapy Training with The World Federation of Hypnotherapists

   Associated with the Society of Hypno-Analysts
   WFH Diploma course is officially approved and listed by the Hypnotherapy Association

Hypnotherapy Traning with The World Federation of Hypnotherapists

Diploma Training in Hypnotherapy, train to become a professional hypnotherapist


The World Federation of Hypnotherapists Welcome and thank you for choosing to train with The World Federation of Hypnotherapists to achieve your Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is such an exciting profession that brings as many challenges as it does rewards to those who practise.

Hypnosis and its therapeutic applications can be a powerful tool to help bring about change and personal growth, not just for clients, but also for you as a potential therapist. Hypnotherapy ideally should be a tool for generative change—meaning those who seek hypnotherapy can learn skills and self-help techniques that continue to help them change and grow as necessary beyond the consulting room long after the therapeutic relationship has ended.

This course will teach you the skills necessary to help clients (and yourself) to change the things they want to change, and also to teach clients a new life skill of self awareness, resourcefulness, and adaptability. I like to adopt a simple presupposition about clients who seek help: ‘You already have all the resources you need within you, or you can create them’. As a therapist, I feel that our job is to help guide a person to those resources, to assess their efficacy, and where necessary help them create new ones and integrate them into their life to bring about the changes they want. This course will teach you how to work with people in such a way, using an integrative approach. There are many fears and misunderstandings about the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and these myths are totally undeserved. Hypnotherapy is an amazingly effective treatment method for a vast number of difficulties, both psychological and physical. It is not unusual for somebody to experience relief within only two or three sessions from a problem that may have persisted for years and may have been unresponsive to other treatments. When used in a complementary context to assist with healing after surgery or for pain control the results can be incredible. There is nothing magical about hypnosis, it is not in any way dangerous (you cannot get ‘stuck’, lose your mind, or be ‘possessed’ in any way) and the therapeutic application of it—hypnotherapy—has no harmful side effects. And you don’t have to have some special ‘gift’ to be able to use it, because almost anybody can learn it. This means that you could soon be helping others to overcome their emotional and psychological difficulties and helping them to find a life that they had never thought possible.

This course will give you a thorough grounding in everything you need to know to start up and run a successful hypnotherapy practise. The course approach is integrative, incorporating cognitive, analytical, direct and indirect models of hypnotherapy with elements of NLP and counselling. World Federation of Hypnotherapists.

Why train with the WFH?

The World Federation of Hypnotherapists has been training students since 1981. We are a long established professional organisation, managed on a not-for-profit basis, by a democratically selected committee of professional hypnotherapists. The Committee comprises of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Sub-Committee consists of Publicity Officer and Social Secretary, so you can be assured that when you train with us you are supported by a team of professionals, and not merely one or two individuals operating for profit.

Lifetime Support

This professional practitioner course is comprehensive enough for you to be able to go successfully and competently into private practice as soon as you are qualified, safe in the knowledge that you have the lifetime support of The World Federation of Hypnotherapists.

Hypnotherapist Course Trainers

The World Federation of Hypnotherapists trainers David & Wendy Lowe
Wendy and David Lowe MWFH MBATh MSHA

Hypnotherapy Qualification

After successfully achieving a high standard in these requirements, you will be awarded a Diploma in Hypnotherapy – Dip. Hyp, with entitlement to use these letters after your name on stationery and advertisements. You will also be automatically enrolled as a member of The World Federation of Hypnotherapists, with the entitlement to use the additional designations: MWFH, MSHA (Member of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists; Member of the Society of Hypno-Analysts)

Entry Requirements

Due to the obvious element of hypnotic techniques to be used, we cannot accept onto the course, anyone who has been diagnosed with any mental illness, clinical depression, or anyone with epilepsy. While the benefit of having previous, related training and education is appreciated, no prior knowledge of hypnotherapy, counselling, or psychotherapy is assumed. The most important factors for admission to the course are: enthusiasm, commitment, and a professional outlook. And applicants must show evidence of their ability and willingness to keep up with the more academic side of the course; home-study, reading set texts, and writing up case-studies. Trainees will need to be of sufficient emotional maturity to be able to cope with issues discussed on the course. Although we have set no strict age parameters, a certain amount of life experience should be demonstrated. Applicants will be expected to give the full name and addresses of two people—not members of your family—who can give a personal, educational, or work related reference to support your application.

Application Form/Prospectus

To receive an prostectus and application form please email David at or click to open/download here.

Next Hypnotherapist Diploma Training Course Dates

Our next series of weekend workshops have dates as follows, all held in Nottinghamshire UK, (NG17 7HY).

The next course will commence during Spring 2020.

Please contact us to express an interest. We're considering starting during Spring 2020, 8 weekend workshops on consecutive months. Dates will be agreed with students before we start or a deposit is paid.

Course Cost/Price.

This course costs £1400. Payment can be made in either 7 monthly payments of £200, each month being paid in advance or we offer a special deal discount of £200 if the balance is paid during the first weekend workshop bringing the course price down to £1200.
We keep our course price down to a minimum by avoiding the costs associated with meeting room hire, instead we use our home which contains two treatment rooms and our comfortable spacious lounge is our meeting room. Many of our students go on to work from home so learning in a home environment is very supporting.

Class of 2016
Class of 2016: Sian, Buddhika, Jenny, Julie and Tracey

Click here for Past Life Regression workshop details.

Hypnotherapist Training Diploma Course Content

This Hypnotherapy course complies with the World Federation of Hypnotherapists’ standards and exceeds the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum requirements ( It will be necessary to do home study. Resources will be provided and suggested.

It consists of the modules below and at least 120 hours of guided practice (weekend workshops normally once a month plus week long workshops are available for a speedier qualification). The cost of each module is £200 and includes a weekend workshop. You may pay by module or receive a discount for paying the full course fee after module 1.

After completion of each workshop module and the requested homework the final exam must also be completed. This final exam is to be completed as home study over a period of one month.

Module 1
º Understanding hypnosis and the nature of the mind.
º The uses of hypnotherapy and self hypnosis
º Understanding how and why this works
º Progressive relaxation
º Use of language to deepen the hypnotic state and make positive suggestions
º Contra-indications and signs of hypnosis

Module 2
º Preparing the client, including building rapport
º Role and standards of the hypnotherapist
º Types of client and appropriate hypnotic inductions
º Meta Model, Milton model and use of language
º Ego strengthening

Module 3
º The science of the mind
º Psychological theories
º The autonomous nervous system
º Childhood trauma and behaviour

Module 4
º Regression techniques
º Hidden gain
º Past Life Regression
º Abreaction
º False memories

Module 5
º Parts Therapy
º Inner Child Therapy
º Aversion Therapy
º Working with children

Module 6
º Lack of confidence
º Anxiety and stress
º Agoraphobia
º Phobias
º Anger Issues
º Weight issues
º Addictions

Module 7
º More specialist treatments
º Childbirth
º Depression
º Skin problems
º Sports performance
º Pain management

Module 8 (free module)
º Client management
º Counselling skills
º Therapy relationship
º Recordings
º Marketing
º Legislation

The World Federation of Hypnotherapists The World Federation of Hypnotherapists

Geneline Therapy Diploma

(Accredited by the World Federation of Hypnotherapy and the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotherapists)

Venue: Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham, NG17 7HY. (Off junctions 27 or 28 M1)
Trainers: Wendy & David Lowe, Hypnos Healing Therapies,
Date: TBA.
Cost £95

This therapy is person centred; led by the client who is aided and educated by the therapist to reach and resolve deep issues even before hypnosis.
The practical work will illustrate to you the value of this therapy, as attested by previous students.
• Understanding the science that underpins simple therapeutic techniques and greater awareness of the subconscious body mind.
• Helping the client to uncover the root causes of emotional response and conflict to a deeper level than the apparent ISE.
• Helping the client to discover how they have been affected by inner conflict, trauma or coping and survival strategies inherited from ancestors
• Aiding the client to understand and resolve the issues in a simple and direct manner.
• Releasing the client from guilt and shame because now “it is not my fault”.
• Bringing in a spiritual dimension for the many clients who accept the Laws of Attraction.

We cover:
• The body mind connection with reference to Bruce Lipton and Candace Pert.
• Peter Levine and the effects of trauma at a cellular level.
• Epigenomes, coping and survival strategies.
• Paul MacLean’s Triune Brain, its effect and usefulness in therapy.
• Techniques using the body mind connection and the Triune brain with or without hypnosis.
• The complexities of Hidden Gain and how to resolve them.
• Dealing with repressed emotions and feelings.
• How to introduce this concept to the client for their greater self understanding and priming them to use the techniques for self-empowerment.

This is a 50% practical workshop with PowerPoint display and a comprehensive manual. This therapy may be used for brief demonstrations or over the phone.

Advanced Geneline Therapy

Approved by the Complementary Medical Association, the World Federation of Hypnotherapy and the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotherapists.
Venue: Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham, NG17 7HY. (Off junctions 27 or 28 M1)
Trainers: Wendy & David Lowe, Hypnos Healing Therapies,
Date: TBA.
Cost £95

In this practical workshop we build on the previous framework of new biology and techniques to focus on dealing simply and easily with deep issues that frequently hinder or prevent therapeutic intervention. You will uncover and deal with many of your own issues during the day.

We include:

Working with perceptions of conception, birth and early years, we uncover current issues, genetic influences and trauma.
Inner Child Work.
We discuss and work on relationships bearing in mind traditional and social roles, instinctive primate reactions and inherited patterns.
The importance of the unheard voice and unacknowledged story.
How our client may become addicted to the chemicals associated with drama.
Where there is self-doubt and lack of trust, we can bring in an empowering spiritual connection.

This is a very practical workshop with PowerPoint display and a comprehensive manual.

Comments include:

“Did you enjoy it? Yes- very much; I enjoyed the workshop very much; Yes definitely; Yes.”

“Would you recommend it? Yes; Yes + definitely; I enjoyed the workshop very much and would recommend to anyone working with people's problems; Yes, very good.”

“I have recently retired from practice although I did use Geneline with a lot of clients and had some interesting and enlightening results”.

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